Ignite the Divine: Guided Meditation

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Shamanic Journeying Meditation | Ignite the Divine

New year, new divine you! This guided meditation workshop will leverage the ancient technique of shamanic journeying to awaken the sleeping god or goddess within you, essentially rebooting your divine technology and giving you a spiritual system upgrade.

As with our standard intro class, we will explore the lower, middle and upper worlds, but in this workshop we’ll focus on igniting the divine spark required to connect you with “higher level” spirit guides including ancient gods and goddesses, angels, and other beings of the highest vibration! Kick off the New Year with a little cosmic spring to your step and get ready for the “big work” ahead in the next workshops.

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Rachel White

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Rachel White is a trained shamanic practitioner and spiritual consultant, having completed several shamanic and mediumship training courses and workshops. She has also attended the Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies to deepen her knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and its application in divination and meditation.

Rachel established TOTEM in 2013, and has since worked with hundreds of clients in Chicago and across the country as they navigate their unique spiritual paths. She takes a pragmatic and modern approach to ancient techniques of divination, guided meditation, shamanism, and energy work, creating tailored and culturally-flexible spiritual solutions for her clients’ unique lifestyles and beliefs.

Rachel has more than 15 years of experience and can draw from Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, Kabbalistic, Judeo Christian, Wiccan, Shinto and many other systems of belief. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2005, having benefited from the Jesuit University’s rich tradition of theological and philosophical study.

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