Time Management 101: Gaining Life Balance

with Tina

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Everywhere we turn we're bombarded with quotes about life being short.

And while that may be alarmingly true, we prefer to not think about the time we don't have and focus our energies making the most of the time we do have. This Dabble class is a lesson on doing just that-- shifting your mode of thinking to make you a more productive, efficient person so you can make time for ALL your priorities ... not just the top few on your list.

Class will begin by having students identify the different areas of their life where they wish to see improvement, whether that's more time for family, finances, career, health, or etc. Then we'll work through what's missing from that area, what sort of goals can help you achieve a better work / life balance in those areas, and finish by implementing an action plan to help you carve out precious moments to fulfill your goals.

By the end of class, students will have identified at least one area of their lives that could use some improvement, and have a concrete direction for how to not only improve that area, but also apply the same principals to improving any area of their life.

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Tina Weidenhammer has been a success coach to adult online students for 1.5 years, and a life coach for 3 years. She specializes in time and life management, communication skills, career/work satisfaction, goal and action planning and overcoming fears related to finances and communication. Over the years, Tina has hosted a number of workshops, trainings and presentations on these topics to online students and company employees, and most recently she has presented on work/life balance at Boost Camp for the Institute of Arts Entrepreneurship. Tina also provides one-on-one coaching to individuals in the Chicagoland area.

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