Whisky Tasting 201: Regions of Scotland

with TC Safavi

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Scotch. It's what Mad-men era powerhouses, your dad, and probably the Dos Equuis guy usually drink. You're pretty sure you're not supposed to shoot it, mix it with anything, or even put an ice cube in it... but what ARE you supposed to do with that snifter?

The last time you "sniffed" scotch was when that creepy guy at the bar drank Laphroaig and breathed dirty bacon smoke into your personal space. It has something to do with where it's from, right? Like wine. Half the time, you can't even *pronounce* it. But you're pretty sure single malts are better or fancier or something than blended scotches, and that there's no more "n"s in Bunnahabanabahain than there are "s"s in Mississippi.

In this continuing class, Dabblers will critically taste and learn the differences between benchmark regions of single-malt scotch - Highland, Speyside, and Islay - and blended scotches. We'll discuss the styles, the significance of peating (peat... you think you've heard that word before) the virtues of adding ice or water, whether sheep are or are not involved at any point in the process, and whether or not it is socially acceptable to make a cocktail with the sacred Scottish booze.

This class will include six tasting pours of different types of scotch, plus a scotch cocktail and "ploughman's lunch" of cheeses, cold sausages, pickles, hard-boiled eggs and hearty bread.

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TC Safavi

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TC Safavi is a CMS certified sommelier and teacher of the top-rated Wine Tasting Like A Pro. In this class, she will be featuring guest whiskey expert, Jeffrey Mull, a classic cocktail bartender straight from the foodie trenches of San Francisco and Mexico City.

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