Date Night: Now What?!

with Tina

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So you're in a relationship...and you've run out of ideas on what to do that isn't Italian & a movie.

This class guides you through changing your dating mindset by changing how you go about planning dates with not only your significant other, but the time you spend even with friends, & family.

The philosophy is 3-Point Date Lifestyles.
The idea is date better, have better relationships.
The thinking is stop dating as a means to an end, and instead treat dating:
As an experience, and a way to create a unique memory which builds up the relationship between you and the other person.

By the time we are done, dating should be fun, exciting, and you'll have at least 5 new and unique dates to take home with you, as well as, the new mindset for making more on your own.

Dating suddenly becomes an adventure, a love of Chicago, and a desire to enjoy the time you spend with others.

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All ages welcome

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Hand outs, 3-Point Date ideas

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Why is your best friend, your best friend? Why do you smile when you recall special memories? Tina's business LeapLiving promotes 3-Point Date Lifestyles because she believes in dating as a way to have engaging experiences and create unique memories which bridge the relationships we have with others in our lives, over the course of our lives. Dating is not a means to an end, it is an on-going process of being active, conscious and presently engaged in the time and relationship you have with another person--regardless if a significant other, a family member, or a friend.

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