Intermediate Bonsai Terrarium Workshop

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Learn the art of Bonsai and bring home a beautiful terrarium in this fun and informative hands-on workshop! In this class, you will create your very own cloched bonsai terrarium. Chose from a selection of 5-7-year-old indoor bonsai tree blanks, learn and practice the essentials of bonsai including pre and post care, root trimming, and branch training to create a truly unique tree! Then learn about terrarium ecosystems and make your very own cloche terrarium to house and care for your bonsai. Chose from our wide selection of mosses, ground covers, companion plants, crystals, fairy garden props, and decorative gravels to customize your creation and decorate your terrarium landscape to your exact liking! We offer complimentary post-care services to all our class attendees through our social media, in-store and text support lines for one on one help with the long term health of your project! The following are included in your class listing: Instructor fee, 1 5-7-year-old bonsai, 1 handmade 5 - 6" cement bowl planter, soil, layering components, 1 5" x 10.5" hand blown glass cloche, training wire, access to pebble bar, and moss soil covering. Additional plants and trinkets are available for purchase. Our 6 PM and later classes include a complimentary glass of wine for our participants 21+ (We ID). Children old enough to participate (up to parent discretion) in the event are welcome to attend with adult supervision. One asks that one project be made per reservation as class sizes are limited. If 2 people would like to attend the class and make one project, an additional $30 instructor fee will be applied at checkout.

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All ages welcome

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All materials supplied.

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Urban Sprouts

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Hi, I'm Jen! The owner, founder and sole proprietor of Urban Sprouts!

I have always loved plants. Growing up, my mom had a vibrant vegetable garden every summer and she always made sure there was room for me to have a place to grow some things too. As a young adult I tried to get as many opportunities in small business and I could, even when that meant working multiple jobs and going to school. I worked as a site supervisor for a house painting and landscaping company, an event coordinator for the American Farmland Trust, as the assistant manager at a gift shop, owned my own side business making and selling paper lanterns, and was the Operations Manager at a wholesale garden supply company.

I attended the University of Washington and got my BA in Environmental Science, with a focus on urban farming, sustainable resource use, and human health (although I started as a Biology major with the intent of becoming an Occupational Therapist). A couple years after college I found myself working in an office and quickly realized that wasn't the path for me. I wanted to run my own business! I started working on a business plan in my free time and after a few months of research, writing, planning, and scavenging for resources I was launching my fundraising campaign for start-up capital! After a lot of work the campaign was a success and a few months later at the age of 24 I opened up for business as Powder Haus in Ballard!

I am passionate about doing things for yourself and doing everything you can to increase the quality of your life and those of the people around you! I love to cook, hike, swim, craft, run my business, spend quality time with friends and family and of course build relationships with my wonderful customers!

If you ever need anything, have any questions or want to have a chat let me know! I'm always happy to connect.

Thank you for your support and I hope you join me on this journey.

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