Rustic Bat-House

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Did you know that bats are nature's bug zappers?

The average North American brown bat eats around 3000 insects every night! A small colony of 10 - 20 bats will control the local bug population, helping to reduce the possible spread of insect - bourne diseases like influenza, zika, and others.

Giving a colony of brown bats a safe haven will keep them nearby to nab ALL THE MOSQUITOS at night. A properly designed bat shelter placed high up in the air will help keep your winged neighbors safe from ground predators and birds, and keep them warm during the daylight hours.


In this fun evening class, we'll go over the design specs for a good bat shelter, then show you how to cut the parts and assemble to create a shelter for your home. We'll also go over proper placement, and attempt to demystify some of the commonly held beliefs about bats. All materials will be provided.

What will be provided

Rustic / Reclaimed lumber and hardware, Paint

Joseph Budka

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Joseph has been a woodworker for over 20 years. He has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and his areas of expertise include woodworking, welding, metal fabrication, sculpture, furniture design, and more. He is the founder, owner, and director of MAKE! Chicago, Inc. a Maker Space in Bridgeport.

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