Yoga + Meditation | Chakra Balancing

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Fitness & Wellness

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The journey of the chakra system is a journey through our lives. The Chakras are powerful energy centers within our bodies meant to assist us with managing life choices and lessons. The seven main energy centers in the human body represent life stages, from beginning of life to maturity. When open and balanced, the chakras direct us toward a more present way of living our daily lives, allowing for better relationships with ourselves and loved ones. 

This month's workshop explores each chakra through specific yoga poses meant for opening and aligning them. Then during meditation, Jennifer will introduce mantras for balancing each chakra, creating a ripple effect for healing the mind-body-spirit connection.


What to Bring

You're welcome to bring your own yoga mat

What's Provided

Yoga mats, blocks and straps

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Yoga
  • Chakra balancing
  • Meditation
  • Chakra Yoga
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Healing Foundations is conveniently located in Chicago's Roscoe Village neighborhood on Belmont between Damen and Western Avenues. We give you the tools you need to guide your body's gentle return to health, vitality and balance. By incorporating acupuncture and other acutherapies, Oriental medicine, Eastern nutrition and education, we reduce and relieve pain, discomfort, illness, stress and stress-related disorders. Our techniques complement Western medicine.

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