Cultural Literacy | 5 Key Differences Between Cultures

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Many people are fascinated by the many different cultures found throughout the world. This class covers the five key differences between cultures and how they relate to the business and classroom setting. We also cover the five stages of cultural awareness (formerly known as culture shock) that people experience whenever they move into a new country, area within their current country, work environment, family, or even relationship.  

Any time you arrive in a new environment, you work through different stages of understanding and relationship -- and it can be important to understand what those are so that you can relate appropriately to others and also come to a greater understanding of those phases within yourself.

Throughout the class you learn direct examples to help you see the key differences between world cultures, broader cultures within the U.S., and get a greater insight into how your own culture filters your worldview. Class concludes with a game to see who can best name what areas of the world different traditions and unique customs come from. 

This event is also BYOB for those who want to be a bit more festive. Space is limited. Be sure to RSVP in advance.

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All ages welcome

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Learn to identify each of the stages of cultural understanding
  • Understand the five key differences between world cultures
  • Have meaningful examples of the similarities and differences between cultures
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Filtod Walker

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With almost 20 years of experience in adult education, Filtod Walker is a master teacher who specializes in teaching mindfulness and educational leadership skills to corporate, non-profit, and individual clients. Filtod master's thesis was on how to teach emotional intelligence skills in the classroom setting and he has been a Vipassana (Insight) meditation practitioner since 1997. With specialized training for teaching mindfulness in the correctional system, he is a secular teacher who blends mindfulness, communication, and meditation skills into his classes.

​Filtod has spoken at conferences on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress management, cognitive distortions, instructional design, employee/volunteer correction, understanding cultural awareness, and learned helplessness in adult education.

A longer bio is available at

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