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Some say bellydance is one of the oldest forms of dance - this exotic form of dance has deep roots in women's circles preparing for marriage, birth, and celebration of all life.

The movements in bellydance, also known as raqs sharqi, are inherent to the female bone and muscular structure. These undulating movements work with the figure to isolate and move both with staccato and smoothness. Bellydance helps to tone core muscles in the torso, and is a meditative workout that attunes yourself to your body. A great way to build confidence and learn to love your body exactly as it is - we all have beauty and feminine power in our own ways despite what advertisements and marketing might suggest to us. Learning the basics of bellydance will free up your body in ways you didn't know about before, enhancing your dance, daily movements, thoughts, and well... more!

In this workshop, we'll focus on learning a bit of bellydance history, getting in tune with our bodies with a quick stretch & warm up, and mastering basic bellydance movements. We'll learn a short combination for you take home and work on, and show off later! Beginner through Intermediate ladies & gentlemen all welcome!

What to Bring

clothes to move in, shimmy belts or scarves if you have them!

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All ages welcome

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Gaea Lady

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Andrea has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She's studied bellydance, ballet, tap, jazz, modern, flamenco, fire dancing, and hoopdancing through her years, and constantly learns new styles. Her style tends toward a graceful and energetic mix while using her body as her instrument to express herself. She currently performs professionally as Gaea, with Solaire Fire troupe, Chicago Hoop Dance, & as a guest with other troupes in Chicago.

Andrea also co-manages Edible Alchemy Foods Co-op & Eco Rooftop Garden, located in Pilsen.

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