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Hooping is as much dancing as it is tricks & technique. When we hoop, it is as with a partner: we engage in a dance with our own body and our beloved circle. In this dance arises a greater awareness of our own physical body, the space surrounding us, and the internal impetus to move in spirals and circularities. Flow brings us to a meditative dance state where we tap into our greater self in exactly the way we need to.

Join Andrea of Chicago Hoop Dance and Solaire to explore and develop your own HoopDANCE with this 4 class series focusing on integrating hoop and dance techniques with personal movement patterns. Refine that which you already know, and reengage to master new skills across the board.

-engagement of core with the hoop
-moving mindfully through space
-grounding and positions of feet
-body alignment
-building physical strength
-creating personal flow of movement
-developing your own style
-setting intention for practice
-learn & refine basic skills:
---waist, chest, and leg hooping
---vortex, lasso, and isolation
---flowers, paddles, and weaves
---tosses, rolls, and twists

Bring your favorite hoop, and we'll have some for sale & borrowing too!

Sunday 11/2/14 HoopDANCE: core
Sunday 11/9/14 HoopDANCE: flow
Sunday 11/16/14 HoopDANCE: flair
Sunday 11/23/14 HoopDANCE: integration

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Gaea Lady

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Andrea Mattson-McGaffey aka Gaea lady
Gaea Lady has been moving in mysterious ways since she was 3 years old, and hasn't ever given it up. An enchanter by nature, she sees her body as her instrument to express herself. Studying classical forms to start her career, her attention soon went the way of the ethereal including fire, hoops and hypnotizing fabrics. dabbling amid any form she can get her toes on, her style borrows from the graceful and energetic mix of all she's studied in the past. Featured with the Kiss Kiss Cabaret and at Untitled's Unbridled she has a duo act that is not to be missed- Solaire. Become enchanted.


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