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Your skin reacts differently with each season. Spring is here.

Spring is a wet and chilly season, coming out of the cold and dry winter: a time of cleansing. The plants that appear first are bitter herbs and onions to stimulate digestion, blood flow, detoxification, and cellular repair. Your body begins to wake up and absorb moisture with the spring rains. Perhaps you’ll notice the way your body reacts differently in the smell of your sweat, the oiliness of your hair, the tightness or suppleness of your skin to the changes in the weather.

Noticing the changes in our bodies during each season is the beginning to addressing them and creating concoctions to take care of ourselves. Students will learn the basics of listening internally, looking for signs, & the basics of how to whip up some quick herbal products for our bodies from kitchen ingredients to take care of ourselves for the season.

We’ll explore our delicate facial skin by indulging in a local honey or clay mask to purify and detoxify. Then, we’ll create a customized toner to balance your skin’s pH using apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, and distilled water. We’ll move on to creating a basic deodorant scented with lavender for the increasing heat of days. An herbal hand salve will provide moisture for our hands as we begin intensive & drying tasks such as gardening, cleaning, and repair work. Lastly, we’ll make a quick hair rinse with spring nettles and dried sage for those days you need a bit of cleansing.

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Gaea Lady

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Andrea lives her life as art. She creatively manages Edible Alchemy Foods Co-operative in Pilsen & grows plants on her rooftop garden in the collective she lives in called Eco. She loves to ferment, experiment, learn, and problem solve - especially when involving seasonal local food. She was recently a judge at the Good Food Festival's Kimchi Challenge, and just traveled to Costa Rica & India for the winter. Andrea also performs as a professional dancer with Solaire & Chicago Hoop Dance, fusing bellydance, ballet, modern dance, hula hoop, and fire dance into a style that interests, excites, and flows quite well.

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