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HoopDANCE focuses on integrating dance & movement into the technique of hula hooping.  As we unite the body and the circle, we move with the hoop as a partner and less like an object to wield - creating integration, flow, mindfulness, and grace.  This dance invokes a greater awareness of our own physical body, the space surrounding us, and the hoop’s impetus to move us in spirals and circularities.  Finding flow brings us to a meditative dance state where we tap into the subconscious & connect to our deepest selves and can unlock patterns, incite new creativity, and perhaps even work towards healing just what we need to.

Join Andrea aka Gaea Lady of Chicago Hoop Dance and Pyrotechniq to explore and develop your own HoopDANCE flow in this class integrating hoop techniques with personal movement patterns through exercises, stretching, drilling, and exploration. Refine and remember that which you already know, and/or master new techniques and movements.  Tap in to yourself and create your own new way of dancing with the hoop!


What you can expect from this experience:

-engagement of core with the hoop

-move mindfully through space

-ground/position of feet

-alignment & planes

-build physical strength

-create personal flow & style

-set intention for practice & beyond


-Learn & refine basic skills:

---waist, chest, and leg hooping

---vortex, lasso, and isolation

---flowers, paddles, and weaves

---tosses, rolls, and twists


Bring your favorite hoop, or we'll have some for you to use too!

What to Bring

if you have a hula hoop, bring it!

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

hula hoops!

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Gaea Lady

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Andrea, aka Gaea lady is an enchantress by nature, and is a force that will make you feel the very earth move. Fusing her 25 years of dance training in forms from classical to modern - neovintage to the ethereal, she cultures an intentional style that is all her own. Integrating dance, art, visuals, costuming, concept, fire, silk fabrics, temple dance, hoops, and deep seated intention, her inspiring performances mesmerize and deeply touch. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances and teaching, forging connections and community.

Gaea is the winner of the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Best Debut” and “Most Classic” in 2016, and performed at the “Icons & Allstars” show in 2017. She graces festival stages such as Show Me (St. Louis), Envision (Costa Rica), Electric Forest (Michigan), Symbiosis (California), Oregon Eclipse (Oregon), Burningman (Nevada), and Bhakti Fest (California). In her home base of Chicago, Gaea performs at Unbridled at Untitled, the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, the Naughty Little Cabaret, the Vertical Sideshow, the Drifter, Soho House, with Pyrotechniq Fire Troupe. She also is a vegetarian chef, traveling to teach and nourish for movement and wellness retreats.
follow her in instagram and twitter @gaea_lady & facebook @gaea lady
Andrea is also the manager of Edible Alchemy Foods - a project to create community around food. Through this endeavor, Andrea has her green thumb on the pulse of Chicago’s locavore movement & an avid gardener, herbalist, concotor of tinctures and body care products, and fermentor. Andrea is also a member of the Eco Collective in Pilsen where she manages the rooftop garden, overseeing the building, planning and maintenance of a green urban oasis—not to mention, she leads regular workshops on everything from gardening and composting to cooking.
follow her food projects at @eafoods

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