Preserving the Harvest

with Gaea Lady

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What to do with all your tomatoes? Basil? Apples? Peppers? Lemons?


Preserving is a great skill to have when you have an overload of fresh ingredients in your kitchen or garden. There are many ways to put up food: canning/jarring, fermenting, dehydrating, and freezing. In this class we'll go over all 4 types briefly, giving an overview of technique, science, and method. All students will get hands on experience loading a dehydrator, filling ball jars, chopping salting & smashing in kimchi, and chopping goodies to load into freezer bags.

Skills your grandparents would be proud you're learning, and skills you'll be able to teach your friends, family, and children.

And, you'll have garden fresh goodies all year round to tickle your tastebuds in the dead silent potato-laden winter! Salty preserved lemons, spicy kimchi, sweet jams, tangy pickles, lush tomato sauce, creamy soups, dried herbs, chewy dried peaches, crunchy relish.... Just a few of the things that you can make with preserving!

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Gaea Lady

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Andrea manages Edible Alchemy Foods Co-operative, a locally & sustainably focused produce & bulk co-operative. She also manages the Eco Rooftop garden at the Eco Loft & Garden. Her passion for food began while studying painting & fibers at the Art Institute of Chicago. She wanted to create a structure that would allow people to learn skills like growing, cooking & preserving food, and forming strong community bonds. Her current projects exemplify just this – and bring a fun, creative and free expression to all that happens in them.

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