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Want more spark in your dating life? Feeling dissatisfied with your options? Wish you knew what the other person was thinking? Need some fresh ideas?

Apple Geniuses are all well & good but... they're not keeping us warm on Saturday night. Seize the moment for summer romance with this class featuring our Top 10 Ways to increase your "dating IQ" and dream date planning tips for dates 1 and 2.

Certified Life Coach Katy Flatau will guide you through mindfulness exercises and techniques that will cut through the b.s. to uncover your core values, connect with your true desires and attributes, boost your confidence, clarify your communication, and ultimately... date better.

Oh and this class is BYOB.


You should be actively dating or WANTING to date. This class is great for adults of all ages, genders and orientations.

Course Reviews (2)
100% positive

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    Megan H.

    Left about 1 year ago

    Great class! A nice, calm setting and the teachers are great.

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    100% positive

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      Molli B.

      Left 8 days ago

      Amazing opportunity to meditate and visualize with a guide, a plan, my own personal set of cheerleaders, MOTIVATORS, navigators!!! How reassuring it was and how safe it felt to go on such a personal mini-journey and dig up and make sense of some not necessarily safe or comfortable emotions and feelings. Going through the exercises in a small group with that support left me feeling so energized and inspired and yet at the same time I am more calm and more clear, with renewed focus. I feel a stillness and peacefulness and I am more self assured than before. I have a strategy, an action plan, and I feel equipped to take any action I need to take to make things happen so that I get to where I want to be and I create what I want to create with my life. LIFE-CHANGER! I LOVED IT.

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      Carrie D.

      Left about 1 month ago

      My partner and I had a great time at the Yoga & Bodywork class. I learned some fantastic new partner stretches that I've been incorporating into workouts with my own personal training clients! Andrea is everything a yoga instructor should be - open, positive, caring, tuned in. She watched our communication with our partners throughout the class and gave great modifications if certain stretches or poses weren't working for individual bodies. Great experience. I look forward to taking other classes with Mindful-U!

      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Danielle D.","created_at":"about 1 month","title_link":"<a href='/courses/chakra-shift-resourceful-abundance-for-the-new-year-with-mindful-u'> Good Career Karma </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"This class was awesome! I left feeling motivated and inspired! The instructors were great and the space was welcoming. ","teacher_response":"Thanks, Danielle! It was great to have you in class!"}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Dhaea K.","created_at":"2 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/partner-yoga-bodywork-with-mindful-u'> Partner Yoga & Bodywork </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"A very fun class- I had a wonderful time! ","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Emily C.","created_at":"2 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/partner-yoga-bodywork-with-mindful-u'> Partner Yoga & Bodywork </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Me and my husband really enjoyed the class. Neither of us have much yoga experience but never felt intimidated by the poses etc. The class was also a lot of fun. We spent quite a bit of time laughing at ourselves. I highly recommend.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Dan M.","created_at":"2 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/partner-yoga-bodywork-with-mindful-u'> Partner Yoga & Bodywork </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"This is a wonderful class for both yoga vets and newcomers. My wife and I got to learn new poses we can do together to stretch, build strength, and rely (lean) on each other for balance. The class is light-hearted, fun, and will bring you together with your partner. The space is small which means more interaction with the instructor. I recommend.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Khortni R.","created_at":"3 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/chakra-shift-resourceful-abundance-for-the-new-year-with-mindful-u'> Good Career Karma </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Class was awesome! Great instruction and useful handouts as always from Mindful-U team....Easy to understand and follow along for this newbie to Chakras and meditation.","teacher_response":"We're so glad you enjoyed the experience!"}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Khortni R.","created_at":"3 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/manifestation-celebration-new-year-vision-collage-with-mindful-u'> Manifestation Celebration: New Year Vision Collage </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Class was great!! Instructors are fun :) ","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Sarah L.","created_at":"5 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/urban-adventures-in-meditation-with-mindful-u'> Urban Adventures in Meditation </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"This was a good experience! I liked that it took place at the Logan Square farmer's market because the opportunities for savoring the experience were many in such a wonderful place. Andrea, the teacher, did a great job of introducing basic meditation concepts before sending us off to make our \"mindful purchases.\"","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Jackie B.","created_at":"6 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/yoga-bodywork-for-a-healthy-back-with-mindful-u'> Yoga & Bodywork for a Healthy Back </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Andrea did a great job with this class. She is very knowledgeable on the subject. It was very informative and I learned some great techniques for massaging, stretching, and strengthening my back. She asked us what parts of our back specifically bothered us and focused on those during the class.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Lindsey F.","created_at":"6 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/yoga-bodywork-for-a-healthy-back-with-mindful-u'> Yoga & Bodywork for a Healthy Back </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Good overall class for beginners to learn a few positions for relieving back pain. The teacher was knowledgeable and focuses on the student's individual needs. ","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Lauren S.","created_at":"6 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/yoga-bodywork-for-a-healthy-back-with-mindful-u'> Yoga & Bodywork for a Healthy Back </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"This class was very informative, and I liked the mix of education and demonstration. I walked away feeling more aware of my body and how it works (and why it sometimes doesn't work), and I now know a lot more about how to treat it. I'd definitely recommend this class to those who experience any type of back pain, be it chronic or otherwise.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Kirk K.","created_at":"7 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/urban-adventures-in-meditation-with-mindful-u'> Urban Adventures in Meditation </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Excellent basic introduction to meditation practice and tools. Also provided great tips for using apps and web sites to complement learning about meditation. t was a good introduction for me and helped to demystify and simplify how to start a real meditation practice.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Lynn S.","created_at":"9 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/get-unstuck-with-mindful-u--2'> Get Unstuck: Good Career Karma </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"This is an interesting approach to self-reflection. Definitely come to this workshop with an open mind, and then go home and see where your thoughts take you. After reflecting on the exercises for a couple days, I have concluded that this workshop was a great use of time!","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Kevin L.","created_at":"9 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/life-coaching-101-with-mindful-u'> Life Coaching 101 </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I've never taken a life coaching class, but I'm so glad I did. It really gave me a new perspective on things and the teacher was fantastic!","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Frances K.","created_at":"9 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/get-unstuck-with-mindful-u--2'> Get Unstuck: Good Career Karma </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I am a beginner to yoga and meditation. I enjoyed this class as I learned more about each chakra, poses that can help open each one, and areas I may need to work on and why. This class has motivated me to become more educated on chakras, work on my own, and practice these poses as well as techniques in my daily life. Keep an open mind that solutions will not be given to you in this class for the life coaching portion, but instead, you will need to look from within and make these connections in your life for yourself. You will definitely get something out of this class. I felt rejuvenated and refreshed when all is said and done. ","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Benjamin Y.","created_at":"9 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/get-unstuck-with-mindful-u--2'> Get Unstuck: Good Career Karma </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I really enjoyed the class. Both instructors made me feel welcomed and open. The class was very relaxing and I definitely had take away points that are immediately helpful. I would say this class if for you if you need to productively unwind in the journey to where you want your job search to go and will help you to think about things from angles you didn't know existed.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Christine S.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/life-coaching-101-with-mindful-u'> Life Coaching 101 </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"Great class! I learned many tips/strategies for how to coach myself, and a lot of general day-to-day life-enhancing skills as well. The instructor was very down to earth and had a great sense of humor which made the class activities very engaging.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Nikki G.","created_at":"12 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/detox-spring-cleaning-for-mind-body-soul-with-mindful-u'> Energy Detox </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"The teacher was very nice and the class in general was okay. I learned a couple of new facts and the yoga/breathing component of the class was relaxing. If you are very new to the idea of detox or are looking for support from a teacher/friend, this would probably be a good class for you.","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Katrina W.","created_at":"12 months","title_link":"<a href='/courses/detox-spring-cleaning-for-mind-body-soul-with-mindful-u'> Energy Detox </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"I enjoyed the class and thought it was a good use of my time. I would recommend it","teacher_response":null}
      {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Elena A.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"<a href='/courses/manifest-your-vision-travel-edition-with-mindful-u'> Manifest Your Vision: Feminine Power </a>","positive":true,"review_content":"The class is well-planned and organized. Katy and Andrea set a grounded, insightful, and inspiration vibe. I was able to connect to intuitive guidance through the visualization and hands-on collage work and came away with a new level of awareness about my focus for 2013. Recommended!","teacher_response":"You're welcome and thank you for your awesome feedback, Elena! So glad you were able to be a part of such an inspirational, creative group. Stay in touch and let us know how else we can be of service to you as you continue to build on that awareness throughout the year. ~Andrea & Katy"}

      Andrea Klunder, E-RYT
      Andrea Klunder, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, is a true entrepreneurial yogi. She has been a hatha yoga & meditation teacher for 7 years, a Thai Bodywork practitioner for 6 years, a yoga studio owner in Chicago for 4 years, a holistic lifestyle consultant with Arbonne International for 4 years, the director of a yoga for women’s health program at a major medical facility for 2 years, and most recently the founder and organizer of the Kirtan Chicago Meetup (a social & professional group for all things kirtan & chanting in and around Chicago), and the Chicago Women's Creative Collective Meetup, bringing women from all forms of expression together to share and celebrate their work and support the creative process.

      In her moments of “spare” time, Andrea writes a lifestyle blog at, guest blogs for The Women’s Health Foundation and Touching Earth at And most importantly, she loves chanting kirtan as much as humanly possible.

      Katy Flatau, CPC, ELI-MP
      Katy Flatau, a Certified Professional Coach, practices individual and group life coaching in Chicago as well as phone-based coaching internationally. Katy has an innate ability to actively listen and creatively vision, as well a genuine desire to see each client move positively forward. These traits, combined with her 12+ years of corporate experience, make her an engaged and empathetic partner in the coaching process. Katy is also certified in Energy Leadership through IPEC. The Energy Leadership Index is a powerful assessment tool that provides a detailed framework for the coaching process

      Mindful-U is dedicated to helping you helping you increase your happiness quotient and cultivate sustainable joy in your personal and professional life and relationships. We invoke practical mindfulness techniques, lifestyle coaching, and personal empowerment tools you can use in all aspects of your world. Mindful-U offers a delightful menu of e-courses, live events, personal coaching and meditation instruction, and transformative retreats for the savvy urban professional.

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