Deep Dive: Loving-Kindness Meditation

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Lovingkindness Meditation, at its core, cultivates feelings of love and compassion for ourselves, the people we are close to, strangers, the people we have strong difficulties with, and the world as a whole.  It's a core part of meditation practice and it's one people don't often realize they need until they see the benefits of working with it.

In this class, we do a deep dive into this meditation, talk about its history, and practice the different ways you can use this practice to:

​.... Help you love yourself and others

.... Learn to consciously choose love and compassion

.... Let go of or make friends with your difficult past experiences

.... Work through feelings of grief and sadness due to loss

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    Lauren P.
    Deep Dive: Loving-Kindness Meditation

    First time meditating and I really liked it! He did a great job of talking us through the meanings behind meditation and the benefits it has. I'd definitely recommend taking this.

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Filtod Walker

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With almost 20 years of experience in adult education, Filtod Walker is a master teacher whose courses and individual workshops focus on mindfulness, educational leadership, new teacher training, communication, and presentation skills. Filtod has been a Vipassana (Insight) meditation practitioner since 1997 and is a secular teacher.

Filtod has spoken at conferences on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress management, cognitive distortions, instructional design, employee/volunteer correction, understanding cultural awareness, and learned helplessness in adult education.

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