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A vision board is a collection of pictures, words and phrases that are designed to inspire you towards a particular goal or desire and help you to visualize your dreams. Visualization is a powerful technique to reach your goals. We are going to create a list of goals we would like to achieve in 2022. This session will allow us to find pictures that represent our goals, or symbolize the future we wish to create. Using photographs, magazine cutouts, images from the web, or whatever inspires you to place on our boards!  We will choose words and images that best represent our purpose, our ideal future, and words that inspire positive emotions to exemplify our vision for 2022.

Supplies you will need for your vision board:

* Poster Board or cork board

* Pictures and words from old magazines and newspapers.  If you need more, or don't have any, check out local thrift stores, or even hairdressing and beauty salons.

* Glue or tape, like Elmer's glue sticks, or if you prefer you can use pins to make things easier to move around later.

* Favorite quotes from books. 

* Pens, pencils, paint, or whatever medium you would like to add to your board.

Let's get to dreaming!



What to Bring

Supplies they would like to include on vision board - paper, paint, pencils, glue, old magazines and book pages, and more!

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All ages welcome

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Nancy Plummer

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Nancy is a passionate fashion entrepreneur who loves all aspects of the fashion industry. As a stylist, she helps individuals create a style that's uniquely their own. Nancy works from the inside out, achieving a signature style.

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