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The use of mantras for meditation goes back to very beginning of when people began sitting and focusing as a form of spiritual practice. In the secular world, we use mantras to not just train focus but also to develop the traits, habits, aspects of our personalities, and ways of being in the world that we most want to embody.  

In this sing-along class, you will learn:

1. The history of mantras in different world traditions
2. How mantras are used in secular meditation
3. Four mantras (Om Ah Hum, Life Says Yes to Me, Self-Forgiveness Mantra and Ohm So Hum)
4. How to create your own mantra by using a special guided meditation

Come on out and enjoy the hour learning about the history of mantras, singing along with joy, and finding your own mantra. 

I am co-teaching this class with two of my favorite people:

Dawn-Marie Hamilton, singer-songwriter and teaching artist who many in the city know through her Toddler Jams in the Rogers Park neighborhood. More info @


Johanna Moffitt, singer, teacher, and producer who loves supporting arts events in the city and particularly in Rogers Park. More info @

You want a video of us practicing the songs you say? Well, here you go:

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Filtod Walker

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With over 20 years of experience in adult education, Filtod Walker is a master teacher who specializes in teaching mindfulness and educational leadership skills to corporate, non-profit, and individual clients. Filtod master's thesis was on how to teach emotional intelligence skills in the classroom setting and he has been a Vipassana (Insight) meditation practitioner since 1997. With specialized training for teaching mindfulness in the correctional system, he is a secular teacher who blends mindfulness, communication, and meditation skills into his classes.

​Filtod has spoken at conferences on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress management, cognitive distortions, instructional design, employee/volunteer correction, understanding cultural awareness, and learned helplessness in adult education.

A longer bio is available at

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