Working with Dreams: Special 4 Week Class

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

Part dream interpretation and part dream yoga, this class delves into how working with dreams can be used in your meditation practice. Many mindfulness meditators, in particular, actually start having lucid dreams due to the meditation's focus on creating greater levels of awareness. This online class has a daily component for four weeks so you can learn how to use your dreams to achieve greater self-awareness, see more clearly into your unconscious, and to better understand the nature of the world around you.

Specifically, students will learn:

Week 1.  Remember Your Dreams. The first week of class goes over how to specifically meditate to start remembering your dreams and also begin working toward achieving lucid dreaming. Participants begin keeping a dream journal, learn the technique of reality checks, and begin looking for their own dream signs.

Week 2.  Dream Interpretation. The second week we delve into the symbolism of your dreams, personal meanings vs. archetypes, and why your mind needs dreaming to function. Course participants post three dreams from their dream journal, get a chance to interpret their own dreams, and get the instructor's guidance and feedback to help move through the process.

Week 3. Dream Yoga. The next week moves into lucid dreaming and dream yoga. Group members share their progress on remembering and waking up in their dreams, share three dreams from their dream journal, learn how to interpret the dreams presented through archetypes and personal symbols, and learn more about dream yoga as a practice.

Week 4. Strengthen the Practice. The last week provides the time needed to really engage the practice. Group members get additional time together to work on the practice, have questions answered, and get further information to continue the practice on their own once the course is completed.

​If you’re fascinated by dreams, sign up to learn the basics of how they are traditionally used for personal growth. Come on out and be part of a dedicated group of learners, have fun, and delve deeper into what is going on underneath the surface of your waking mind.

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Please bring a notebook and pen for taking notes.

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Filtod Walker

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With almost 20 years of experience in adult education, Filtod Walker is a master teacher who specializes in teaching mindfulness and educational leadership skills to corporate, non-profit, and individual clients. Filtod master's thesis was on how to teach emotional intelligence skills in the classroom setting and he has been a Vipassana (Insight) meditation practitioner since 1997. With specialized training for teaching mindfulness in the correctional system, he is a secular teacher who blends mindfulness, communication, and meditation skills into his classes.

​Filtod has spoken at conferences on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress management, cognitive distortions, instructional design, employee/volunteer correction, understanding cultural awareness, and learned helplessness in adult education.

A longer bio is available at

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