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Anyone who's ever had a #dark moment and gone on an emotionally charged internet shopping spree knows how dangerously easy it is to go overboard on your cart. Everything just looks so good. The color of those shoes! That dress will surely look as good on me as it does on the model! Look at those angles!

Congrats, Dabblers. You were sold by the razzle dazzle of professional product photography. It happens to the best of us, and it means that the photogs behind the camera were doing their jobs very well. If you're a crafter, creator, artist or entrepreneur--guess what?!-- you can learn to take photos of your own products to make them that appealing, too.

This class, perfect for art / craft show applicants, Ebay / Etsy sellers, or small business owners, is a how-to guide to enhancing your online shopping attractiveness with clear, vibrant product photos. We'll be showcasing our own personal crafts we want to be photographed (!) and learning how to maneuver composition, a camera and studio lighting to set up interesting shots that make even the smallest objects or oldest thrift store finds look enticing.

After a brush-up on photo and lighting basics, we'll take our images to the next level by learning simple Photoshop techniques. Seasoned online sellers looking to up the ante or complete beginners without the slightest clue how to hold a camera are welcomed, just bring the crafts you want to photograph along and promise never to settle for point-and-shoot for your business again!

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One Strange Bird

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Nicole Northway
Nicole is an artist, educator, and small business owner. Nicole currently teaches at Columbia College and runs, One Strange Bird, a unique boutique that offers art workshops. Nicole received her MFA from UIC in 2008 and has been making and showing artwork for over 10 years. She is a maker and loves painting, drawing, and learning new skills to share with her students.

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