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This class will define electricity, and give it a brief history. Modern residential electricity will be demonstrated with a standard electrical panel and circuit breakers. Your practice will be remodeling a plug into an existing wall, and switching it!

The basic tools of electricity will be introduced, like wire strippers and multimeters, and we will go over the electrical tools available at the Tool Library. We will discuss the National Electrical Code, so you can recognize what looks right, what looks wrong, and when to call a professional electrician.

We will also explain AC and DC power, 'Low-Voltage' electronics, and DIY controllers like Arduino. You will be able to practice soldering. We’ll mention transistors, silicon, and even talk about electromagnetism & light.

Whether you are an aspiring artist, an engineering student, a contractor or just curious about how to wire things up, this class will spark your imagination!

Bio: Nathan Koral works as a project manager for EG Studio, an art fabrication company in Denver, since 2015. He has degrees in physics and math from the University of Colorado. Using his skills with welding, machining, electrical engineering, and lighting design, Nathan has helped EG Studio build public art installations all across the country. Check out his website at

*Note! Please wear closed shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. If you wear hair ties or reading glasses, bring them. Minors accompanied by an adult are welcome.

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