The Wonderful World of Whiskey (Whiskey 101)

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All our favorite silver-screen leading gentlemen (and ladies!) seem to have one thing in common: a love for good whiskey. And while they look effortlessly cool polishing off a glass without the slightest pucker of the mouth, we don't have the good fortune of being so poised.

The truth is, whiskey is one of those very 'acquired tastes.' And we're determined to add it to our repertoire of cool drinks to order at the bar, but first we need to do our homework. That's why we've joined Eat, Drink, Educate for this Dabble class that walks us through the basics of Whiskey. Learn what it is, how (and where) it's made, the differences among brands, how they're best served and what they taste like.

Leave class confident about which whiskeys you like and which you can't stomach, and how to properly prepare a glass. We'll be providing generous taste tests of four whiskey standards ... but, sorry, the 'aloof look into the distance' isn't included in price of admission. You'll have to practice that one in front of the mirror by yourself.

Come early or stay late to enjoy all of the awesomeness that is O'Donovans! Killer drink selections and specials from the bar and a food menu that is out of this world! Discover your new favorite spot on the North Side!

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Eat Drink Educate

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Dennis Mclennand

Dennis Mclennand has been in the restaurant and hospitality industry for over 20 years. He started this journey at some of the most prestigious restaurants on the island of Palm Beach, Forida. He brought this knowledge and experience to Chicago 7 years ago when he joined the team of skilled professionals at Eat, Drink, Educate. Dennis has always enjoyed the art of guiding guests choices either for drinks or dining, and finds great joy in turning guests on to something new. Dennis prides himself on his fun and interactive classes... so expect to have fun, participate, and of course, learn a lot.


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