Indigo Dyeing and Cocktail Mixing!

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Join Laila Grainawi and me at Cocktail Courier for a two-fer! We'll be making all things indigo with a natural dye workshop and cocktail making class. I'll be talking with you about indigo; its history in the US and the magic of its dye chemistry. You'll use folding techniques to create two bandanas (great for around your neck, hair, or even a sweet dog collar) and two flour sack towels. Keep one and gift the other!

While our pieces are in the dye, Laila will lead you through a cocktail making demo and you'll use all the tools and ingredients to make your own blue-ish Solar Flare Margarita, a cocktail that is part of a Fall subscriber only space-themed drink assortment. Then, we'll clink glasses and sip our creations while our pieces get taken out of the dye, rinsed, and opened up for some indigo magic! 


  • Cocktail making demo (that you drink after you make, of course)

  • Two cotton bandanas AND two flour sack towels 

  • Indigo demo

  • Discount off the Solar Flare Margarita cocktail kit

  • Discount code to shop Cocktail Courier later


Sort of like the Blue Apron of cocktails, each Cocktail Courier box is carefully packaged with all necessary ingredients (including garnish) accompanied by printed ste-by-step instructions on how to make each drink. Local mixologists create each unique drink recipe! 

Location: 1765 N Elston, Suite 107 Chicago, IL 60642

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All ages welcome

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Cocktail Making & Drinking
  • Indigo Dyeing
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Joslyn Villalpando

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My name is Joslyn Villalpando and I am a working artist and art educator in Chicago. After studying fine art and art education at the University of Cincinnati, I spent 7 years teaching elementary art. While teaching, I completed my master's degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), studying the impact of craft and fiber art on art education. My small research group of young participants grew into a little community while learning to weave, sew, embroider, and dye; sharing the stories, memories, thoughts, and ideas that arise when creating together.

After witnessing the beautiful community that is built when creating with friends, I first began holding craft and cocktail parties to spread my love of the handmade with my favorite people. We gathered to learn how to block print to make valentines or embroider to create holiday ornaments- each craft accompanied by a featured batch cocktail and treats, of course. Inspired by the old sewing circles and expanding on the theme of intimate, creative social gatherings, I am moving these parties from my tiny Chicago condo and hosting craft events at some of Chicago's most beloved bars, restaurants, coffee houses, boutiques, and cupcake shops. I love utilizing classic, traditional art/craft processes such as; weaving, embroidery, printmaking, and watercolor, and putting a contemporary spin on them to bring you a unique learning experience.

There's nothing better than gathering with others to make something by hand, learning skills and processes that can be used again and again. At each J.Villa gathering, you will experience a thoughtfully curated event in an inspiring space, hand selected and/or handmade art materials, and enthusiastic guidance through the craft process.

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