No-Sew Upholstery

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In this introductory class, participants will learn the fundamentals of modern furniture upholstery. Each student pair will re-cover a dining chair during the class. As a group, we will learn how to remove, strip, re-pad, and re-cover a basic cushion using simple techniques - no sewing skills required!

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All materials provided!

Student Reviews

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    Cherie C.
    No-Sew Upholstery

    One class and we're hooked on upholstery! My husband and I took the class so we can make a cushioned bench. Ross showed us how easy it can be, and now my husband is ready to make a love seat! Great instruction--I feel confident I can upholster a chair on my own. And we got good tips on how to save money on tools and supplies. Recommended!

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    Rachel H.
    No-Sew Upholstery

    The class was a good introduction to upholstery basics and gave me a better idea of what to expect when attempting my own upholstery projects. The class was also a good introduction to the Denver Tool Library and all of its resources.

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