Masala Themed Vegan Indian Cooking

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Masala is a mix of spices used a lot in Indian cooking to give dishes their flavorful taste.

In this class, we will learn 3 traditional vegan Indian recipes that feature a Masala mix:
• Masala Dosa: thin crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes and onions, served with chutney
• Chana Masala: a chickpeas-based, high-protein Indian dish and Arya Bhavan Restaurant favorite
• Masala Tea: Indian spice tea

All 3 dishes are gluten-free as well.

No prior knowledge of Indian cooking needed. The class includes an instructions handout and tastings of the recipes. Come ready to ask any questions about Indian cooking and vegan/raw/gluten-free cuisine. Chef Kirti has been doing it for 40 years and knows it all!

Arya Bhavan is one of Chicago's oldest healthy Indian restaurants, offering a menu of authentic vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and organic Indian dishes. Our motto is: Eat Well, Feel Well, Think Well, Heal Well!

Student Reviews

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    Alyxandra W.
    Masala Themed Vegan Indian Cooking

    I purchased this class for my mom as part of her retirement gift. We both really enjoyed the class!

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    Sarah M.
    Masala Themed Vegan Indian Cooking

    Great experience! We learned the benefits of healthy clean vegan cooking and about Indian spices. Some of the dishes were pretty labor intense! Kirti is an amazing chef and teacher and loves sharing her passion with others. At the end of class you get to sample the food. The class did go over in time so plan accordingly. I'm looking forward to taking another class of hers.

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Kirti Sheth

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Kirti is a vegan/gluten-free/raw Indian Chef and the Chef of Arya Bhavan restaurant in Chicago. She enjoys being hospitable, being around people, and nurturing them with products coming fresh from the Home we all share...the Earth.

Kirti has been vegan since she was a child, of her own choosing. It’s something that came natural to her, so she believe it’s been God’s plan all along for her to do what she does.

With a background in agriculture and years of experience growing organic produce on her own land in India and the U.S., she's made it her purpose to promote healthy eating for everyone.

Kirti is constantly at work coming up with new vegan, raw and gluten-free recipes and it’s a great pleasure for her to hear people say they feel better when they eat her food.

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