Seed Starting Fundamentals

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Now that spring crops are maturing, are you wondering what to do with the empty space in your garden? Maybe just getting your garden started this year? Join us for suggestions for planting your garden for the remaining growing season, including seed starting for fall crops.

We’ll talk about which plants can be direct-seeded in the garden, which ones should be started indoors, and tips for getting cool-weather crops to germinate and grow while there’s still summer heat.

We’ll also discuss techniques for making sure there is enough room for your fall crops to grow while summer crops to come into maturity, as well as mid-season fertilizing, plant rotation, and companion planting as ways to maximize production.

For the hands-on portion of the class we will start broccoli, kale, Napa cabbage, and broccoli raab seeds in pots you can take home.

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    Kelly F.
    Seed Starting Fundamentals

    The Peterson Garden Project is always so knowledgeable and they have great teachers for every class I've taken with them! Highly recommended! Plus this event was hands-on and we walked away with a tiny seed greenhouse to sprout and plant in our own gardens! Can't be beat! :)

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    Azin J.
    Seed Starting Fundamentals

    Great class! My fiancé and I learned a lot. Many insider tips were given that made complete sense of why we weren't successful in growing before.

    Plus, you get to leave with planted seeds! Can't get better than that.

    Great teacher as well!

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Sarah Mallin fell in love with growing food as a child while helping on her grandparents' 1000-acre farm in Ohio. She interned at the Cleveland Botanic Gardens and worked as the perennial manager and gardening advisor at a garden center for four years, where she also learned garden design and landscaping practices. She has found a way to garden every year since moving to Chicago in 1991—from growing in planters on the window ledge of her college dorm room to building a 75 by 20 foot garden at an apartment, to participating as a gardener at Edgewater with the Peterson Garden Project.

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