Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Pendant

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Carousel sea glass pendant
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Arts & DIY

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Materials saved from the landfill:

Sea glass, copper wire

Skills you'll learn:

Cutting and shaping copper wire

Starting with beautiful pieces of sea glass, learn how to create a unique pendant using entirely recycled materials. Sea glass starts out as mere litter, broken bottles left on the shore that have been transformed by the ocean. Over several decades Mother Nature transforms this litter into something beautiful. In class, we will continue to highlight the beauty of the glass by setting it using copper wire. The wire used is old electrical wiring that would otherwise be sent to the refinery. We will use jewelers pliers to shape and form the wire to support the sea glass, ending with a beautiful pendant!

What's Provided

Sea glass, copper wire, pliers

What You'll Learn
  • cutting and shaping copper wire

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Perennial is a community workshop + store that transforms trash into creatively restored objects and teaches the St. Louis community how to do the same.

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