Mini Salt and Pepper Spoons

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Carousel mini salt and pepper spoons and dish
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Materials saved from the landfill:

Skills you’ll learn:
carving, drill press, apply a wax finish

Want to carve something but don’t have a lot of time? Go small!  In this two-day class we will carve two tiny spoons (one for salt and one for pepper) and use the drill press to make a small salt and pepper tray.  Participants will get to choose from a variety of hardwood species that are scrap from larger projects. In the second session the class will do the finish work necessary to complete their spoons and trays with Perennial’s food-safe handmade wood wax.

Please note, this two-day workshop takes place on Thursdays, September 7 and September 14 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm each session.

  1. carving
  2. drill press
  3. homemade wood wax
What will be provided

All materials provided.

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Small square tools

Perennial is a community workshop + store that transforms trash into creatively restored objects and teaches the St. Louis community how to do the same.

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