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Gather up old sheets, clothes or scrap fabric pieces and transform these rags into a beautiful floor mat! The class will cover the basics of making a woven floor mat out of recycled fabrics. This workshop will cover from start to finish how to construct a rag mat, from cutting the fabric to simple weaving techniques, including warping the window frame loom, joining pieces of fabric, and making looped rya, if you want a shag rug. You’ll also learn how to use string heddles to speed up your weaving pace. Participants will get started on a rectangular mat which they can take home and finish crafting at their leisure! Class fee includes fabric and a large wooden window loom. You are welcome to bring in your own cotton bed sheets or t-shirts to customize your mat colors.

Materials Saved from the Landfill:
T-Shirts, Bed Sheets, Fabrics, Windows

What to Bring

Students may bring their own bed sheets and t-shirts in colors of their choice to cut down into yarn, or use provided options.

What's Provided

Wooden looms and yarn options will be provided.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • warping a frame loom
  • weaving
  • cutting t-shirt yarn
Cancellation Policy

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